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Welcome to Twisted Sisters Custom Floral Design, LLC

What We Offer


We provide an array of floral designs and styles. If you are more earthy and love a more natural and authentic approach we can do that. Do you want a more rustic design. Definitely your gals. How about wanting a shabby or bohemian vibe to your wedding. Yep we can do that too!

Partys & Events

Are you hosting a holiday party and don't want to disappoint. Let us decorate your tables with our floral designs that are sure to impress your guests


In the corporate world it is key to outsmart your competition. That goes for showcasing certain areas of your business to create an appeal to the consumer. If you would be interested in letting us create one of a kind designs to create a welcoming and sharp look in your lobbies or offices , let's talk. We also offer monthly and seasonal accounts 

At Home Services

Sometimes you just need that outside source to create the feel in your home you desire. Maybe you just need some old pieces freshened back up. Or you'd like to have your home change with the seasons and don't know how to go about creating  the perfect look. Give us a call we'd love to have an in-home consultation with you!

Corsage - Hair Pieces - Floral Jewelry

Prom and Homecoming, we've got you covered. Or maybe you want your wedding party to be one of a kind. You will be sure to stand out with our unique designs. Maybe you'd like a hair piece or custom designed piece of floral jewelry. We thrive on creating special pieces that suite your personality.

Memorials and Tributes

It can be difficult deciding on the perfect memorial piece during such a tough time but we assure you that we take the time to sit and talk with you to get the perfect design picked out to create the tribute you want.

Meet The Ladies behind twisted sisters custom floral design

CheyAnne & Alex

Who are we? Lets start by saying how excited we are that you've stopped by to check us out! Oh my gosh what an exciting journey we've started.  After working years at retail floral shops we both decided it was time to showcase our creative and unique styles. How did we meet you ask? Well let's just say the stars have aligned to bring 2 friends together as well as future sisters. Whats better than owning a business with not only your best friend but a member of the family!!! We couldn't be more blessed to share the same love and passion for floral design.

 Keep Scrolling to hear a little bit about our individual styles and personalities!






 I have always enjoyed the outdoors and getting my hands dirty, kind of marching to my own drum. As a kid I would climb trees and make up my own adventures playing in my grandmas flower bed. I would say I had a very good imagination, after all I was an only child for 10 years. My senior year of High school is where things started to really connect as far as my future was concerned. I had played sports all my life and had some success in volleyball, I was even offered a scholarship to continue playing. However my heart was pulling me toward my true passion, Flowers . I had started landscaping and horticulture design school during my senior year and wow did that start to open my mind to what I now know now is my true life passion, floral design. During my classes I decided that I wanted to get a job at a flower shop. So I set out on the hunt for a floral shop that would hire a high school girl with no design experience , little did I know that the stars were in line.  I found a local floral shop that was In need of some extra help, and I've never looked back. From here my floral carrier has just grown and blossomed into what it is today Co-Owner of Twisted Sisters Custom Floral. As I mentioned before I had some success in volleyball and boy do I still love to play. I now help coach a 12 youth team and play any opportunity I get. When I am not playing with flowers or a volleyball you can probably catch me with my family or dog Sam outside going for walks or sitting by a fire with a glass of wine.






Where to start,lol. Well if anyone knows me they know I have a passion for so many different things. My love of horses started at birth and that love remains even after taking a break to follow different paths in my life. I love to paint and draw which brings me to my passion of art. Anything and everything artistic count me in! From painting a landscape on canvas or creating unique and custom pieces of home decor with pyrography to home interior design,I find peace in it all. I am an avid hunter as is my husband and son. We love to spend time in nature camping and enjoying the outdoors with our three very spoiled dogs. This lifestyle has given me a unique bond with nature bringing me another love, Flowers! I was asked to be a part of a local floral shop not because I had experience in flowers but my creative mind and that has opened so many doors for me. And like Alex said never looking back. And here we are Co-Owners of our very own floral design company!