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CheyAnne & Alex

      Who are we? Let's start by saying how excited we are that you've stopped by to check us out! 

      Oh my gosh what an exciting journey we've started. After working years in retail floral shops we both decided it was time to showcase our creative and unique styles....How did we meet you ask? Well let's just say the stars have aligned to bring 2 friends together as well as future sisters. What's better than owning a business with your best friend and a member of the family!!! We couldn't be more blessed to share the same love and passion for floral design.




I have always enjoyed the outdoors and getting my hands dirty and marching to my own drum. As a kid I would climb trees and make up my own adventures playing in my grandmas flower beds. I played volleyball in school and was even offered a scholarship to play in college, but my senior year of high school things really turned around for me. My heart was pulling me in the direction of my true passion, Flowers! I had started landscaping and horticulture design my senior year and wow did that open my mind to my true lifes passion. I decided to I wanted to get a job at a floral shop so I set out looking for a place that would hire a high school student with no floral design experience. Little did I know things were going to fall into place for me. A local floral shop was in need of some help during the holiday season and I never looked back. From there my floral career has grown into what it is today as a Co-Owner of Twisted Sisters Custom Floral Design. Some of my favorite


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